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If the climate researchers do not deliver "fantasies" until today:

The beautiful Salzburg, is this really supposed to expire in the next 100 years due to storm Zunahmeprozesse? And then the even more magnificent Passau on the three Rivers as well, which no longer finds any other world-wide?

Then Vienna? Budapest? Moscow? Rome? Paris? Naples? Amsterdam?

Should the historical and contemporary cultures be destroyed because our generations are too bad or mindless and characterless? ...

The Author, the politic expert 


J. B. Koeppl, political scientist in international politics since 1966.

Dr. of political sciences. Training through complex activities in national & international politics.

Prominent anticipation from 1980 on the following developments in the areas of:

  • Massively planned refugee and asylum flows,
  • Citizens' Monitoring,
  • 9/11 complexes,
  • Food denaturation,
  • Technology repression and corresponding alibi creations,
  • Poverty trends,
  • Depersonalization of citizens,
  • Creation of a monotonous connected world by globalization, etc.

Development of key solutions in the area of NATO armaments policy, the technology policy.

The top measure: Creation of the teaching material of a citizen and politician training

From 1979 talks about these solutions before about 40-60 million readers and listeners.

JB Koeppl was an informal advisor to NATO's later Secretary-General, Manfred Wörner.

His political thesis about the NATO waste of money in the area of NATO armaments in trillions of dollars, with considerable consequences for the Western world, so triggering an enormous public debt and tax burdens of citizens.

The estimated amount of waste since 1979 until today is USD 10 trillion. Extrapolated in the case is that this waste in State and municipal civil orders happens continuously, the waste is expected to be over 40 trillion at the time and cumulated in the whole Western world.

To do these investigations who?

* Whitehouse consultant Steve Larrabee, US security officer Zbig Brzezinski, US President Jimmy Carter, between 1976 and 1980.

Employees to to these investigations who?

* White House adviser Steve Larrabee, employees of the U.S. Security Advisor Anis Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter between 1976 and 1980.

* Rockefeller Fellow John McCloy invited him for cooperation in internation business (Details in Photo Galeria). Here the attempt to corrupt and to stop the researches for much better life in citizenship.

Koeppl's contribution to the German Federal Ministries through the government-based advisory firm IABG between 1974 and 1993 for the ministries: defense, technology, environment (including active in world climate policy).

Notice of termination after publication of the waste in Nato 1980.

Back integration by court order in 1981.

Party political activity:

After partisan missions were carried out in the sixties in parties like CSU, SPD, to explore the party landscape:

In the years 1995-1997, an attempt was made to build up a European party, which could well have shaped Europe positively.

Failure of this attempt at corruption and above all on the political ignorance and the selfishness of the society.

Beginning of the development of the teaching material of a University for Politicians & Citizens (ANP) between 1997 and 2005. The teaching material has already been partially tested and completed in the essential structure.

The ANP: ACADEMY FOR NEW POLITICAL LEADERSHIP as part of the BEST-GOVERNMENT.ORG explains, among other things, the extent of the failure of society, and lays the foundations for a politically feasible, very positive world!

1980 participation in the successful removal of Helmut Schmidt's 1981 ff and also of President J. Carter in 1979.

Speech before the Mont Pelerin-Society in Berlin in 1982 (preview of the Bilderberger conferences).

Publication of the Bilderberg Conference 2005, at which Angela Merkel was named German Chancellor months before her official election.

Warning of Angela Merkel. 

Meeting with Merkel in the 10/2/2012 in the Munich opera on the occasion of the day of the German unity. Suspension of her further, unprofessional use of the politics, because "only certificate physicist". On the day also reserve of the lack of political education: Federal defence minister Thomas de Maiziere, Federal Minister of the Interior Friedrich, Prime Minister Kretschmann. A warning to Federal Constitutional Court president Voßkuhle.

From 1983 onwards, the GLOBAL WORLD as of 2012 was published in books, writings and speeches in the most important structures. 

Here is an excerpt from his speech before the "Mont Pelerin-Society" in Berlin in the Intercontinental Hotel in 1982:

"The Efficiency in Defense is significant to prevent big economic crises and distinctive, public high budget deficit. The states are not allowed to squander taxpayers’ money, even in the armament, without not causing heavy economic crises and debts. My previous researches to the NATO-procurement has been aimed at helping to initiate massive savings in NATO defense budgets through an efficient procurement of armaments products for all procurement of public hands down to municipal levels! The epoch from 2000 becomes, in any case, very dangerous for the world economy, indeed for the whole world - without these corrections!"

Excerpt from Koeppls novel “Antaris”, 1983: 

Even limited terrorist attacks... serve our cause, they are capable of justifying the application of those procedures and instruments, in an excellent way to do this that citizens around the world... can be controlled." This is the reason why we need just the terrorists as perpetrators of political violence. For he alone is able to provide us with the alibi, to stage a theater of terror on Earth, that we finally build our power over the naive citizens world assets..."

"To be controlled by us natural destruction, certain degrees of poisoning and radioactive pollution affect in the most advantageous way people! You affect their reactions, weaken their commitment to performance and strengthen their instincts and their hustle and bustle, their selfishness. People will steer..." "In any case to take care is that promote only those types of energy on Earth, which allow us a certain monopoly position...".

"Even limited terrorist attacks ... serve our cause, they are excellently suited to justify the application of the procedures and instruments that can be used to control citizens around the world ... This is the reason why we just need the terrorist as political criminal violator.  Because he alone can provide us with the alibi to stage a theater of terror on earth, over which we can ultimately build our power over the naive citizen of the world ... "

"Natural disturbances to be controlled by us, certain degrees of poisoning and radioactive contamination have a very beneficial effect on human beings. They interfere with their reactions, weaken their will to perform, and intensify their drives or their heftiness, their egoism. People become governable... " " In any case, care must be taken to ensure that only those types of energy on the earth are promoted which allow us a certain monopoly position.” 

Publication DWGM: THE MOST IMPORTANT SECRET OF HUMANITY. This book overflowing with correct analysis, predictions and calls the political top solution.

Predicted as of 1989:

• the streams of refugees in the wake of a devastating policy of "multiculturalism".

• slow splitting into very poor and rich.

• the spiritual and material degradation of many citizens,

• their bottomless hustle

• the increasing loss of vision and intelligence due to material flooding,

• the selfishness in the industrial countries,

• the severity of world climate crises,

• Standardization of the world through the staging of asylum flows and multi- culturalism that is becoming increasingly apparent from 2014,

• the technology repressions.

On the edge:

Visit of three world climate conferences (the one in Hamburg has been turned up and down through a position paper). Participation in a comprehensive, political, ecological, and economic reform in the Western countries (including preparation of an own climate conference with Dr. A. Herrhausen, Deutsche Bank, and representatives of science & politics).

But even these attempts failed due to the grandiose selfishness of large parts of society.

JB KOEPPL's REPROACH to the address of the company:

Only very, very few politicians and citizens have committed during the 40 years of his political activity for the really important in life.


In the forty years of his political activity, only very, very few politicians and citizens have been involved in the real DECISION in LIFE.

Previous book releases,

Partly under the pseudonym "Robert Kendel":


Thesis from 1979

ANTARIS: Novel, a key novel


Planned book releases:


BILL OF INDICTMENT "Indictment of the elites as a hindrance to the positive world!": A collection of evidences for the fatal immaturity of today's ruling class and society.